Venue Review

Ever plan to attend a concert at a venue you’ve never been to before and get stressed over all the unknowns? We sure do! That’s why we’re bringing you Venue Review. Venue Review is our place to get the real facts on a place, before a show, so we can take the worry out of concert-going. Yeah, there are 40-year- old men on Yelp to tell us how good the sound quality is and how overpriced a bottle of beer at the bar is, but what about the queuing situation? Is there a line fastpass? Where do you go to find cheap food when you camp for 10 hours? Where do you wait to potentially meet the band after? Where can you find a restroom to use without buying something? Is the area safe? How’s barricade? Do security have our backs or are they trying to sell us $6 waters while we are near-death in the pit? You have the questions, and we, as a community, have the answers! Clue us in on your knowledge of different venues and past experiences in the contact form below, then check out the venue reviews for your next concert!

Venue Reviews are separated by Country and subcategorized by State/Province (or city for the U.K.) Select your country and then state, and all the venues we have information on are listed in alphabetical order. Click the name of the venue and Ta-da! If you don’t see your venue listed, we don’t have any comments or tips for it yet 🙁Try checking back at a later date to see if anything was submitted, or after your show you can be the first to let us know what’s up!!




[ Note: Only some countries are available for venue reviews at this time. If you’d like Venue Review available for your country let us know!!!! Send us a message to let us know and we’ll make it happen!]


Contribute your Venue Review and we’ll add it to the list! Please fill out a separate form for each venue. It’d be helpful if you include the date of your visit or tell us if you go often. Also, if you have any pictures you’d like to contribute along with your review please let us know and we’ll email you. 🙂