Become an A Band Trash Blog contributor! In addition to Venue Reviews (which can be submitted any time on the Venue Review homepage!) we’re looking for people who’d like to contribute on content for the blog. We’re open to a wide range of material such as articles, reviews, photo series, videos, playlists and more! You can submit an idea of your own to us, or responses you’d like to explore in the featured categories below. Check back often because our featured contribution ideas will change as time goes on and we think of more ideas!


  •  Friends on Film – Have cool 35mm or Polaroid pictures you’ve taken with or of concert friends? Consider submitting them to our Friends on Film photo series. It’s going to center around friendships made through going to concerts and can include photos taken at a show, queuing for a show, traveling to a gig, or getting ready for one. Each picture from Friends on Film should include a brief description of who is in the picture and what’s happenin’.


  • Hometown Heroes – Shine the spotlight on a cool local who makes a difference in your music world. This can be a person, such as a radio personality that tells the best corny jokes and plays The Killers at least once a day, the security guard at your local haunt that’s always got your back, that guy that gets the pit going at every show, etc., a group (such as a whole radio station itself), or even a place, like your favorite independent record store, that café in your hometown that supports up and coming local bands, or your favorite venue!) You can show the love in a variety of ways: photo series, an article telling about them and why they’re great, a quirky poem, comic, short film, or whatever else you can think of! Just submit your subject and ideas and we can brainstorm it out.


  • Playlists – We’re always on the hunt for some good jams and if you’ve got a mix you’re dying to share we’d like to hear it! For any reason, anytime. Just submit a Spotify or Apple Music link to your playlist and explain what it’s all about!


  • Tour Tips – Have ideas for our Tour Tips series that we haven’t covered yet, or some additional tips to add to an existing post? Send them ASAP! We’re always looking to expand on Tour Tips and would love your insight.


To submit your contribution ideas:

Please use the form below and make sure to include your name and email in your submission. If you have ideas based off our categories you can use that title as the subject, or if it’s an idea of your own – you can put “Original: (Insert Title)” or something like that as the subject line! For the submission itself: explain your idea(s) and/or include any playlists. If you’d like to submit pictures for Friends on Film – just mention that and I’ll email you because unfortunately the submission form doesn’t allow pictures to be attached. Don’t be nervous to submit, we’re super nice and can’t wait to hear what you have to say!!