Friday Top Five: June 30, 2017

As you may have been able to tell from this past week’s lack of posts, we’ve been having a busy week. In our downtime we’ve made a few changes to the site, including adding the option to contribute content so check it out! Now we’re back to our regularly scheduled posts: This is the last day of June so in today’s Friday Top Five we’re rounding up our top five favorite new albums of the month!

Image result for sir sly dont you worry honeySir Sly – Don’t You Worry, Honey

Favorite Tracks:

Alter            Astronaut

Trippin’            Oh Mama





Image result for melodrama lordeLorde – Melodrama

Favorite Tracks:

Writer in the Dark            Liability

Homemade Dynamite





Image result for alt-j relaxerAlt-j – Relaxer

Favorite Tracks:

3WW            In Cold Blood






Image result for bleachers album gone noeBleachers – Gone Now

Favorite Tracks:

Hate That You Know Me

Don’t Take The Money





Image result for fleet foxes crack upFleet Foxes – Crack-Up

Favorite Tracks:

Cassius, –

On Another Ocean (January / June)

I Should See Memphis


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