Friday Top Five: June 23, 2017

You made it to the weekend! Celebrate with some new music discoveries. Don’t know where to start listening? You’re in luck! This week’s FT5 features our Top 5 Playlists to discover new music every week.

  • Apple Music: My New Music Mix

Discover new music from artists Apple thinks you’ll like. It’s refreshed every Friday! If you subscribe to Apple Music you can find your My New Music Mix in the “For You” category.

A playlist of the hottest new releases in alternative curated by Apple Music editors and updated each Friday. You can find it (and other) A-List playlists under the Playlists section of Browse in the music app or click the blue title above to be taken to it.

  • Spotify: Discover Weekly

Tailored for you and updated every Monday, Spotify’s Discover Weekly is a great playlist to find not only new music, but music you may not have listened to before by artists you already know. Find the playlist (which is available to everyone) in the “Made For You” section.

An ever-changing, frequently updated mix of recent indie hits. You’re just as likely to rediscover songs off fave albums from years past as you are to find new hits on this playlist. Twice the fun! You can find this playlist under the Browse section in the app, or click the blue title above to be taken right to it.

  • Spotify: Release Radar

This is a great playlist if you struggle to keep track of all the new releases by bands you follow. Any new music from artists you track on Spotify will show up right here! Find the playlist in the “Made For You” section.


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